Hang Ma street is a popular destination for buying toys and decorations in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. It attracts people who are looking for year-end-party decorations as well as those who want to experience the vibrant atmosphere of the area.

Hang Ma street is known for its wide selection of toys and decorations, making it one of the best places to shop for festive items in the capital.

The street is currently abuzz with business activities as shops display a variety of festive items for purchase, getting ready for the Christmas season.

This year, Hang Ma street offers a wide range of festive items, including trees, wreaths, golden bells, and snowmen, featuring rich designs and vibrant colors.

Customers can choose from a diverse range of prices, from a few hundred thousand to several million VND, to find the perfect festive items.

Christmas and New Year are joyous occasions for Vietnamese families, especially children who eagerly await gifts from friends, loved ones, and Santa Claus. Hang Ma street becomes a colorful and lively destination during this festive period.

Hang Ma street, with its vibrant colors and festive decorations, provides an ideal backdrop for photo shootings during the Christmas season.

Traders in Hang Ma street are now offering handmade crafts with unique designs and display styles, where the color red stands out.

Foreigners also enjoy the bustling atmosphere of Hang Ma street during the Christmas season in Hanoi.

The capital city of Hanoi is filled with a festive atmosphere as it prepares for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.