Enhancing Cultural Exchange: Hanoi’s Vietnam-Thailand Friendship Association

The occasion provides a chance to assess the success of the initiatives aimed at fostering friendship between Vietnam and Thailand in the past year, as well as to strengthen cultural exchanges and collaboration between the two nations.


The Vietnam-Thailand Friendship Association in Hanoi organized a conference on December 22 in Dan Phuong District to evaluate its tasks and cultural exchange program. Delegates at the conference reviewed the association’s achievements over the past year and recognized individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to promoting cooperation between Vietnam and Thailand.

Tran Duc Hai, Chairman of the Vietnam-Thailand Friendship Association, speaks at the event. Photo: Vietnam-Thailand Friendship Association

In 2023, led by the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations, the Vietnam-Thailand Friendship Association in Hanoi focused on enhancing communication on diplomatic affairs, peace and friendship activities, and other significant political events of the two countries. Additionally, the association launched a website featuring in-depth cultural stories to improve the effectiveness of its tasks.

Outstanding individuals are recognized at the event. Photo: Tung Lam

For the upcoming year, the association commits to fostering collaboration with the media to promote the historical and cultural values to the people of both countries. It also aims to enhance cultural and artistic exchange activities.

Deputy Chief of Mission of the Thai Embassy in Vietnam, Morakot Janemathukorn. Photo: The Thailand – Vietnam Friendship Association

Furthermore, the organizers hope to showcase the unique musical performances that reflect the distinctive characteristics and traditions of both countries. Through these performances, they aim to promote cultural learning and exchange.

During the conference, Tran Duc Hai, Chairman of the Vietnam-Thailand Friendship Association in Hanoi, emphasized the significant progress in the traditional relationship between Vietnam and Thailand. In light of the current global and regional challenges and fluctuations, he highlighted the importance of strengthening cooperation between Vietnam and Thailand, particularly in the fields of culture and tourism.

Artists performing Thai folk dance. Photo: The Vietnam-Thailand Friendship Association

Morakot Janemathukorn, the Deputy Chief of Mission of Thailand to Vietnam, shared with The Hanoi Times the importance of promoting cultural exchange between the two countries. She expressed the ongoing support and facilitation from the Thai Embassy, Consulate, and relevant stakeholders for such activities.

Janemathukorn also mentioned that the Thai Embassy plans to discuss next year’s initiatives with Hanoi and aims to finalize the plans early in 2024.