Yang Bay Tourist Park is located in the middle of a spreading valley with an area of ​​570 hectares in Khanh Vinh district, Khanh Hoa province. Away from crowded and noisy streets, children can explore colorful nature with vast forests, white waterfalls, murmuring streams and experience unique games.

Yang Bay - An interesting destination for children - Photo 1.

Yang Bay Waterfall

At Yang Bay, the children were able to see and hear the legend of the 500-year-old Wood God, the spiritual symbol of the Raglai people. Moc Than consists of 2 leather trees and 1 birth tree entwined with each other, more than 25m high, the canopy is more than 200m2, more than 20 people hug the trunk. The wood god appeared in the middle of heaven and earth, protecting villages and bringing peace to people. This is also the place to send wishes according to the red silk, yellow silk hanging from the tree. Prominent among the immense scenery of the mountains and forests are silk ribbons fluttering in the wind with countless wishes for health, peace, luck…

Yang Bay - An interesting destination for children - Photo 2.

Wood god Yang Bay

On horse-drawn carriages, the whole family walked around Yang Bay together, immersing themselves in the cool nature with shady trees, listening to the chirping birds among the mountains. Children can also try their hand at being horsemen riding on well-trained horses. Yang Bay also has an animal garden for the children to feed the star deer with their own hands or admire with their own eyes, learn about the lives of animals such as monkeys, wild boars, sheep, pythons, etc. to the splendid peacocks. , wild ostrich, giant crocodile. Children will be surprised by the excitement of the animal world around them. In addition, the dinosaur park with statues depicting the bravery of many dinosaurs will bring children as if they were lost in Jurassic Park.

Yang Bay - An interesting destination for children - Photo 3.

Dinosaur Park

Coming to Yang Bay, children are free to exercise and unleash their imagination with new and unique games. From folk games such as pig racing, cock fighting to “unique” games that can only be found in Yang Bay such as bottle-feeding fish, crocodile fishing, ostrich riding…. Exciting experience for children.

Yang Bay - An interesting destination for children - Photo 4.

Bottle feeding fish game

Besides, the underwater world is equally attractive with fun activities, cool bathing at Yang Bay waterfall, “cooling off” the body in the hot summer weather. Or take a relaxing dip in the hot mineral pool and take a mud bath with your family.

Yang Bay - An interesting destination for children - Photo 5.

Mud bath at Yang Bay

A special feature only in Yang Bay when it is a place to preserve and vividly reproduce the traditional culture of the Raglai people. The children had the opportunity to learn about the culture of the Raglai people through traditional costumes, stilt houses, dances, and sound of the piano with the sound of the mountains and forests. Not only enjoying the performances on stage, the children also had the opportunity to directly try playing various musical instruments and join the dance team like real dancers.

Summer is a time for the whole family to get together. Experiencing interesting activities in the fresh nature, along with the companionship and guidance of parents, will help them both comfortably play, learn many useful things in life and bond with family.

Source: thitruong.nld.com.vn