The charity event was jointly organized by the Ho Chi Minh City municipal People’s Committee and the Ho Chi Minh City Export Processing and Industrial Zones Authority (HEPZA). The event took place at the Tan Thuan export processing zone in District 7.

The purpose of the occasion was to provide breakfast to more than 2,000 workers after participating in a fundraising walk to support impoverished workers in the city.

The organizers prepared 10 pots and 1,000 liters of water for the special breakfast.

The breakfast menu included 2,126 bowls of Pho, which were cooked using 44kg of beef, 26.4kg of vegetables, 26.4kg of raw sprouts, and 69.5kg of ingredients such as lemon, onion, and pepper. A total of 80 chefs participated in the event.

This successful attempt set a new national and world record for the largest number of bowls of Pho, as recognized by the Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) and the World Records Union (WorldKings), respectively.