Consul General Ngo Trinh Ha mentioned at the event that Vietnam and Japan have built a cooperative relationship of friendship, trust, mutual respect, equality, and mutual benefit over the past 50 years.

Japan is Vietnam’s leading important partner in various fields and has the second-largest Vietnamese community in the world.

Ha expressed his hope and belief that with consensus, potential, and strengths, the two countries can complement each other and bring their relationship into a new stage of practical and effective development in various fields.

Japanese Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yamada Kenji, mentioned that the friendship between Japan and Vietnam was formed through cooperation in various fields such as politics, diplomacy, economy, culture, art, and people-to-people exchanges.

He also noted the popularity of Vietnamese food such as pho and spring rolls in Japan. Yamada expressed his interest in trying Vietnamese delicacies at the festival where stalls introduced Vietnamese cuisine and goods.

The festival, which took place on June 10-11, featured performances by popular singers from Vietnam and Japan as well as community teams. With over 90 booths introducing Vietnam and its culinary culture, the organizers expected more than 100,000 visitors.