The novel was written by Phuong between 2007 and 2010 and published by the Tre (Youth) Publishing House.

The publication of this work is part of a project to translate literary works selected by the Korea-Vietnam peace culture federation, which was established by Korean and Vietnamese writers and has been engaged in cultural exchange and collaboration for the past 30 years.

At the launching ceremony, Bang Hyun-suk, President of the Korean Literature Association (KLA), said the novel, which was translated into English, Chinese and other languages, is the first work selected for translation and publication in the RoK.

Talking to the Vietnam News Agency, Phuong, who is also Vice President of the Vietnam Writers’ Association, said he hopes that his work will help Korean readers understand more about Vietnamese culture, thus strengthening mutual understanding between the two countries.

Translator Ha Jae-hong has previously translated numerous Vietnamese literary works into Korean, including “Canh dong bat tan” (The Endless Field), “Noi buon chien tranh” (Sorrow of War), and “Chi Pheo”.

He said that it took him five months to translate the work, adding that through literature and specific works such as “I and Them”, Korean people can gain insights into Vietnamese culture.