During the closing ceremony held at the Farnese Arthouse cinema on Wednesday evening, Vietnamese Ambassador to Italy Duong Hai Hung proudly announced that ‘Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell’ had made history by becoming the first Vietnamese film to secure the top prize at an Asian Film Festival in Italy, according to the Vietnam News Agency.

Representing the film crew, he expressed profound gratitude for the honor bestowed upon the director, actors, actresses, and entire production team.

He emphasized the significance of this achievement in showcasing Vietnam’s cinematic prowess on the global stage and fostering cultural exchange, understanding, and friendship between the Vietnamese and Italian peoples.

The film follows the poignant journey of a young man tasked with transporting his sister-in-law’s remains to their rural hometown after a tragic motorcycle accident.

Set against the enchanting backdrop of rural Vietnam, he embarks on a quest to find his long-lost older brother, weaving a narrative that captivates audiences with its mystical allure.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Italy Duong Hai Hung (L, 2nd) represents the film crew of ‘Ben Trong Vo Ken Vang’ to receive the Best Feature Film award at the 21st Asian Film Festival in Rome on April 17, 2024. Photo: Vietnam News Agency

Antonio Terminini, director of the Asian Film Festival in Italy, highlighted the profound impact of ‘Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell,’ labeling it as one of the season’s most significant works since its triumph with the Caméra d’Or (Golden Camera) at the 76th Cannes Film Festival in May 2023.

He commended not only director Pham Thien An’s remarkable talent but also underscored the immense potential for collaboration in film production between Vietnam and both European and Asian partners.

The Asian Film Festival, organized by the Robert Bresson Film Foundation for the 21st time from April 10 to 17 in Rome, Italy, serves as a platform to showcase the latest and finest cinematic creations from East Asia.

Moreover, it serves as a vital opportunity for filmmakers, actors, and producers from diverse backgrounds to connect with Italian counterparts, paving the way for potential collaboration and mutual artistic enrichment.