Naval Region 4 Provides Information About Sea and Islands to Students in Ninh Thuan

On April 22, the Naval Region 4 Command coordinated with the Provincial Party Committee's Commission for Popularisation and Education and the Department of Education and Training of Ninh Thuan to organize a conference to propagate the sea and islands, attracting human resources to build the Navy for nearly 500 grade 12 students at Le Quy Don High School for the Gifted and Nguyen Trai High School in Ninh Thuan.

At the event.

At the conference, Naval Region 4 reporters informed and propagated the position, role, and importance of Vietnam’s seas and islands; the current situation in our country’s seas; the role of the Vietnam People’s Navy in protecting the sovereignty of the sea, islands and continental shelf of the Fatherland; viewpoints and policies of our Party and State in the struggle to protect sovereignty over seas and islands.

In addition, students are also consulted and provided with additional information about the conditions and admission process to the Naval Academy; and policies for students, officers, and forces in the Navy.

Students receive gifts at the event.

Through propaganda activities, to raise awareness among students about their love for their homeland’s sea and islands; attract high-quality human resources to serve in the Navy, contributing to building a revolutionary, regular, elite, and modern Vietnam People’s Navy in the new era.

At the same time, the conference helps students understand the standards, and procedures and orient themselves when registering to enter the Naval Academy in the upcoming entrance exam.

Hai Dang