The Vietnamese culinary scene has recently achieved six world records. These records include having the largest number of “xoi” (sticky rice) and “che” (a traditional dessert) dishes, as well as being the country with the most natural spices. Vietnam is also known for having the largest variety of delicious street foods, the most delectable home-cooked dishes, and the most dishes made using banana trees.

Le Tran Truong An, the general director of VietKings, stated that Vietnamese delicacies are not only rich in nutrients but also highly flavorful and appealing to international palates.

In addition to these recent achievements, Vietnam had previously secured five culinary world records in November 2021, recognized by both the WorldKings and the World Records Association (WRA).

Furthermore, Vietnam is renowned for having the largest number of “strand and broth” dishes and the most diverse variety of “mam” (fermented fish) dishes in the world, each offering unique flavors.

Moreover, the country takes pride in having the largest collection of dishes made from flowers, the most types of special rolls, and the highest number of dishes made from rice flour.