Try seafood specialties in Ca Mau

Mudskippers grilled with chili salt and mud creepers with coconut milk are one of the best seafood specialties in Ca Mau Province.

Try seafood specialties in Ca Mau
A dish of mud creeper with coconut milk. Photo

The locals catch giant mudskippers using different methods in the daytime, and a flashlight at night to attract them into fish traps.

The mudskipper specialty has nutritional value, no bones. It can be processed into many delicious dishes, but grilled whipped mudskipper is the best way.

The amphibious fish can move quickly across a muddy surface and are capable of breathing both in and out of water. 

Another seafood specialty in Ca Mau is mud creeper with coconut milk. The main ingredients are mud creeper snails and coconut milk, with the added fragrance of lemongrass and fried garlic mixed with the light spicy taste of coriander.


When the meat is cooked, its red colour turns into an eye-catching turquoise. The chefs often cut off the tail so visitors can suck the meat from the bottom without the need for a tool to pluck the meat out.