‘To day’ flowers greet spring in Mu Cang Chai

When the first flowers blossom on the ‘to day’ (wild peach blossom) trees, H’mong people joyfully celebrate their traditional Lunar New Year festival on the first three days of the twelfth lunar month.


Every year in the eleventh and twelfth lunar months, mountains in Mu Cang Chai District, Yen Bai District, are fully coated with ‘to day’ flowers. The wild flowers even bloom across high peaks in the communes of Che Chu Nha, La Pan Tan, and De Xu Phinh.

The blooming season of ‘to day’ flowers not only adds an alluring look to the scenery of villages in Mu Cang Chai District but also contributes to attracting more visitors to the locality.

‘To day’ flowers greet spring in Mu Cang Chai
A road in Mu Cang Chai District colourfully decorated with ‘to day’ flowers.

‘To day’ flowers have five petals in a bright pink colour.

A blooming ‘to day’ flower tree boasts its charm in top of a mountain hill.


A H’mong family’s feast to greet new spring. Local H’mong ethnic people consider ‘to day’ flowers as a sign of spring.

Beautiful bright pink ‘to day’ blossoms against blue sky.

Mountains in Che Chu Nha Commune brightened with blooming ‘to day’ flowers.

Nguyen Huong (Nhan Dan)