The event will run until May 20, 2022, and is expected to contribute to nurturing readers’ love for books and spreading the positive value of books throughout the community.

Photo: Logo and interface of 2022 National Online Book Fair at

The 2022 National Online Book Fair is expected to feature the participation of nearly 100 publishers nationwide, introducing more than 40,000 books.

This book fair aims to bring at least 30,000 books to readers nationwide.

Providing the opportunity to buy high priced books with free shipping at the Online Book Fair, participating readers will receive a minimum discount of 15% when buying books from any publishers participating in the Book Fair; a 30-50% discount on thousands of titles from ‘The Reading365’ Reading Promotion Fund and many sponsors in subsidised events.

On the other hand, to increase the attractiveness and experience for participating readers, the fair continues to apply the most modern technologies such as Animation technology with vivid virtual characters interacting with readers, online exam technology helping to organise programmes within the Book Fair and technology integrated with shipping units ensuring the fastest delivery of books to readers in remote provinces.

Besides the programmes to introduce books and subsidise books for readers, to attract and spread the message of "Lighting the fire of knowledge" in the community, the Online Book Fair organises many special events such as The "Wisdom Contest", which aims to find 100 typical readers across the country, through an online contest and readers can choose random questions to answer and accumulate intellectual points through each exam. The contest is meant to launch a movement of learning and seeking knowledge from all readers, especially aimed at young readers. The total prize value of the contest is up to 100 million VND.

Along with that, there will be a talk show to discuss good books with famous people to ignite the love of books in readers.

Through the program, the organising board of the Online Book Fair, together with publishers nationwide, called for the support of sponsors, good-hearted reputable figures and many resources throughout the entire lighting a fire of knowledge society, encouraging the reading movement across the country, and spreading the positive value of books in the community.