The display is available on the museum’s website at as well as on its Facebook page. 

Fine art lovers can see the works and feel the atmosphere in Sai Gon (now Ho Chi Minh City) during the historic moment on April 30, 1975 by visiting the museum’s website or Facebook. The online display by VNFAM celebrates 45 years of national reunification and promotes outstanding artworks to a wider public during the fight against Covid-19.

“I find online exhibitions like this very interesting and useful, especially during COVID-19. Instead of visiting the museum themselves, art lovers now can enjoy their favorite masterpieces at home while learning a lot about each artwork with clear caption and introduction about its background. However, contemplating the artworks with our own eyes always gives us a greater pleasure,” said Do Thanh Long, a young painter. 

The works portray vivid images of the national resistance against the US and the lives of people behind the front lines. A lacquer painting entitled Mother in Wartime by 92-year-old Hoang Tram is a highlight of the display.

The painting was made in 1980 featuring a southern mother and her daughter who are caring for an injured soldier. The painting is not very detailed but the characters are cleverly arranged to fill most of the painting space, creating a cramped and stuffy feeling.

Other outstanding works on display include Huynh Van Gam’s “Hearts and Guns”, Hoang Tram’s “Ngu Thuy female volunteer soldiers”, Dao Duc’s “By the Vinh Linh Steel Rampart”, and Le Thanh Tru’s “Ammunition transport”.

“My favorite artwork is the lacquer painting “Hearts and guns” which is very lively with images of mothers and sisters covering their heads with checked scarves and standing fearlessly in front of the enemies. Author Huynh Van Gam was able to depict the people’s staunchness and fearlessness in that very context,” said Tran Thu Hong of Hanoi.

This is also an opportunity for today’s generation to go back to the old days, recalling a glorious and great victory in history, and paying tribute to the generation that sacrificed for national independence, freedom and unity.

“I find the paintings of great interest. I usually learn about the wars in Vietnam through books and films but this online exhibition gives me and many others a different approach on the topic of war,’ said Nguyen Hoang Linh who lives in the UK. 

“The paintings are beautiful and can reflect Vietnamese people’s strong fighting spirit against foreign invaders. Living away from home, such online exhibitions give people like me an access to beautiful artworks featuring our national resistance wars,” said Linh.