Leading hospital in the Northwest

One of the best provincial-level hospitals in Vietnam, Phu Tho General Hospital has become a center for health technology in the northwest, meeting the rising healthcare demand in Phu Tho and its neighboring provinces.

Improving the quality of medical examinations and treatment

In September 2016, the Ministry of Health and the Steering Committee for the Northwestern Region signed a work coordination program under which quality health centers will be built in Phu Tho and Lao Cai provinces to meet the demand for quality healthcare services for people in the northwest. (Source:Web portal of the Ministry of Health).

Phu Tho General Hospital daily has some 1,200-1,400 people coming for medical examinations. The number of its inpatients averages 1,500-1,700 every day. Some 36% of the hospital’s patients come from Phu Tho’s neighboring provinces.

Even though these numbers are high for a provincial-level hospital like Phu Tho, the hospital pursues the principle of regarding patients as clients who should receive the best services. Therefore, it has increasingly improved the quality of its medical examinations and treatment.

Medical examination registration section. Photo: Cong Dat / VNP

Phu Tho general hospital applies the queue management system to save time for patients. Photo: Cong Dat / VNP

Convenient waiting area for patients’ relatives. Photo: Tat Son / VNP

A quality patient room. Photo: Cong Dat / VNP

Phu Tho General Hospital is a leading healthcare establishment for people in the northwest. Photo: Files

The hospital pays great attention to training and development of highly qualified personnel. Photo: Files

In 2013, Phu Tho General Hospital was ranked a grade3 hospital (fairly good). It reached grade 4 (good) in 2014 and topped grade 5 (very good) in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

“The hospital’s reputation for quality healthcare services is attributable to its attention to training and development of human resources, which is a long-term strategy”, said Dr. Nguyen Huy Ngoc, director of Phu Tho hospital. He also said that the hospital has provided short and long-term training for its staff, focusing on in-depth training for those with postgraduate degrees. Every year, it also sends staff members to technology transfer training in Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, the US, Germany, France and the UK under programs with foreign hospitals.

The hospital has a public relation section to provide complete and accurate information on its medical examination and treatment services for patients to ensure convenience and to save time.

In 2015, the hospital received an ISO 9001-2015 standard certificate and an ISO 15189 standard certificate in biochemistry. The hospital has applied a quality control system in all its wards and sections and provided intensive training in quality control for its staff.

A future paperless hospital

Phu Tho General Hospital is also leading the region in applying information technology to reform administrative procedures in order to raise managerial effectiveness and best serve patients.

The hospital has applied e-medical records for all patients and used e-signatures and e-payment for all transactions, with the intention of becoming a paperless hospital in the near future.

The hospital is furnished with uniform and state-of-the-art equipment and technology, including digital subtraction angiography (DSA), linear accelerators, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners, computed tomography (CT) scanners and digital radiography.

It furnishes uniform state-of-the-art equipment for twelve operating rooms. Photo: Files

Open-heart surgery at Phu Tho general hospital. Photo: Files

The hospital applies information technology to best serve patients. Photo: Files

It has 26 specialized examination rooms of public services and another twelve for services ordered by patients.
Photo: Files

Modern diagnostic imaging equipment at Phu Thogeneral hospital. Photo: Files

The pneumatic tube system which automatically transports the blood of donors to the blood bank in the hospital.
Photo: Files

The hospital has a uniform equipment system. Photo: Cong Dat / VNP

Professional discussion with South Korean doctors from Chonnam hospital
under an international cooperation program. Photo: Files

Phu Tho is a satellite hospital of eight central hospitals, Vietnam-Germany Hospital, Vietnam National Cancer Hospital, Bach Mai Hospital, Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics, National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, National Hospital of Endocrinology, National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, and National Hospital of Tropical Diseases.

The hospital now supports training and technology transfer for hospitals in Tuyen Quang, Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Ha Giang and Vinh Phuc provinces and receive patients transferred from these hospitals to ease the load of national hospitals. It is truly a trustworthy healthcare establishment for people in the northwest./.

Story: Thao Vy Photos: Cong Dat – Tat Son & Files