Organisers expect to honour local artisans who make traditional items such as lanterns, masks and other toys for the Mid-Autumn Festival. They also want to create a playground for children to take part in folk games and learn more about the traditional culture.

During the four-day festival, a space will be erected at the Heritage House at 87 Ma May street to showcase trays of offerings, including fruits and moon cakes, prepared by typical Hanoian families during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Traditional toys will also be introduced to both locals and tourists at Kim Ngan Communal House at 42 – 44 Hang Bac street, as well as the Hanoi Old Quarter Cultural Exchange Center at 50 Dao Duy Tu street.

At these venues, artisans will educate visitors on how to make To He or rice-powder toy figurines, and to produce star-shaped lanterns.

Moreover, several art performances will be held in front of Dong Xuan market, along with folk games and a lantern procession which will get underway in the walking space around Hoan Kiem, also known as the Returned Sword Lake.

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth month according to lunar calendar. To mark the occasion, family members often come together to enjoy the festival with each other. They typically prepare trays filled with mooncakes, candy, and fruits, while children enjoy fun entertainment activities, including a lantern parade or a lion dance.