Blackboard tree blossom in the fresh air of Hanoi’s autumn

The Hanoitimes - For over a week now, the weather in Hanoi has started to get chilly. On the streets in the Capital, the ardent fragrance of devil’s tree flowers has pervaded the air.


Devil’s tree flowers can be seen on several streets in Hanoi, such as Nguyen Chi Thanh, Tran Duy Hung, Huynh Thuc Khang, Nguyen Hong, the areas around West Lake, Hoan Kiem Lake, Quang Trung, and so on. Furthermore, there are quite many  of this tree planted along a few roads in the districts surrounding the Capital.

 Early blackboard tree flowers in Hanoi.

Every afternoon the ardent fragrance of devil’s tree flowers pervades the air, and if the trees are concentrated in a street, the scent of the flower would be rather uncomfortable for many people.

However, the faint scent of wind-blown flowers is reminiscent of Hanoi’s autumn, with the flowers that have inspired poets, musicians and artists, awakening indescribable feelings. The paths also become more attractive and beautiful than usual thanks to the white blooming flowers.

Devil’s tree blossom from mid-September to December; therefore, at the moment there are only a few trees with a small number of blooms.

Here are some pictures of devil’s tree flowers on Hanoi streets as taken at the end of September 2020: 

 There are quite a lot of devil’s trees along Linh Duong Road in Hoang Mai District, some of which has started to bloom.
 The street corners with devil’s tree flowers create the charm of Hanoi’s autumn.
Devil’s tree blossom in the sunlight.