Savoring Unique Mid-Autumn Festival Treats on a Budget

The Hanoitimes - Many children had the opportunity to experience the fascinating Mid-Autumn Festival in many places in Hanoi last weekend, with many folk-inspired activities taking place in traditional spaces that helped promote the traditional cultural beauty meaningful to both adults and children.


Enjoy the enchantment of the full moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. The Hanoi Old Quarter Management Board has organized a series of activities to celebrate this special festival and promote the cultural heritage of the area. From September 25, visitors can enjoy the festive atmosphere and admire the carp lanterns hanging in the streets. The Heritage House, Kim Ngan communal house, and the Heritage Information Center have been beautifully decorated to immerse visitors in the traditional mid-autumn festival experience.

Due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19, some parents may hesitate to bring their children to public places. However, the management board has come up with a solution to still provide a festive experience. Parents and children can join in on the fun virtually through the Facebook fanpage of “Hanoi Old Quarter.” They can witness artisans demonstrating how to make traditional toys and participate in activities from the comfort of their own homes. These activities will continue until October 1, ensuring everyone can enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival in their own way.

 The artist teaches children to make traditional Mid-Autumn toys at the Heritage House. Photo: Linh Anh

The Hanoi Book Street is also embracing the Mid-Autumn Festival with their “Full Moon Book Festival” held on September 26 and 27. This event offers various traditional activities, including a captivating storytelling session incorporating pictures and decorative images in the central square of Book Street. Through this display, the festival’s theme and the rich culture and lifestyle of Hanoi and the Vietnamese people are beautifully showcased. Visitors can also take advantage of discounted books, promotions up to 50 percent, and participate in mini-games and the “Magic Book Wish” program to receive lucky gifts. This event will run until the end of October 1.

In addition, the Centre for Cultural and Art Exhibition of Vietnam and the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long are also hosting Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 activities. These activities aim to honor traditional values and provide a memorable experience for visitors.

The organizers of the Mid-Autumn Festival strive to express the essence of this traditional celebration and fulfill children’s creativity and joy. In the past, the festival was a time when children eagerly awaited toys brought home by their parents from the village market or crafted by themselves using natural materials. Families would also make mid-autumn cakes, and on the night of the full moon, children would revel in the moon’s beauty while savoring delicious food and playing with their toys.

Today, the tradition continues by opening traditional Mid-Autumn spaces at cultural sites and reviving traditional food and toy-making. By doing so, the festival remains meaningful and serves as a reminder of our rich cultural heritage.