Making the cake is not difficult but it requires attention and passion, because to make a quality and tasty cake, hygiene and food safety should be ensured all stages.

The first step is to choose new glutinous rice, which is fragrant and soft compared with other varieties. This kind of rice is the main ingredient that determines the cake’s characteristics.

The rice should be washed and soaked in water for eight hours before being ground and pressed for six hours. After that the dough is mixed with molasses or brown sugar and kneaded until it becomes smooth.

The dumpling includes green beans that still have their pods, which are soaked in water for five hours, then steamed and ground before being mixed with molasses and coconut threads. They are kneaded together into a small ball.

The well-kneaded dough should be cut into small balls the size of a chicken egg then stuffed with green beans and wrapped in banana leaves before being steamed for 45 minutes.

The cake is more enjoyable when eaten cool. The cake is delicious thanks to the new glutinous rice, the rich buttery fat from the green beans, and scent of the banana leaves.