Bun Tom (shrimp vermicelli noodle)

No one can tell for how long such a simple food has been an essential part of Hai Phong gastronomy. It is something worth trying, like the rest of Vietnamese cuisine, for its unique taste as well as the method of cooking.


The main ingredients that create this delicious dish are fresh shrimp picked directly from Hai Phong sea. The shrimp are shelled and the shrimp are then fried with green onion until reduced. Added in with shrimps are yellow grilled chopped fish, grilled chopped “ la lot” or grape leaves, Indian taro and a mixture of diced onion, sliced tomatoes and dill to bring out a richer flavor. A soft, white thread of rice vermicelli noodle harmonized with reddish shrimps and tomatoes, together with green onion, Indian taro and yellow grilled chopped fish make a colourful, attractive and lively dish that enlivens up visitors’ taste buds.

While savouring the dish, you will be greatly comforted by the sweet and slightly greasy taste of the broth, fragrance of shrimps and especially the pungent smell of grilled chopped “la lot”. More special is a sour taste of tamarind broth seasoned with common spices like vinegar or lemon. This kind of “bun” is best served with lettuce and some slices of red chili. All flavours harmonize so well with each other that the first taste can bring out immediate temptation for more.