World-renowned singer Vladislav Sulimsky performs at Ho Guom Opera

Get ready for an extraordinary experience with the sensational singer Vladislav Sulimsky at the Spring Concert! This exceptional event is designed to kick off the new year of 2024 in an unforgettable way. Join us as we celebrate the season with captivating melodies and enchanting performances that will leave you spellbound. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to witness the talent and charisma of Vladislav Sulimsky. Get your tickets now and prepare to be swept away by the magic of his voice!


The Sun Symphony Orchestra (SSO), in collaboration with world-renowned baritone Vladislav Sulimsky, is delighted to present the highly anticipated Spring Fire concert in Hanoi on January 20.

This marks the first-ever performance of the esteemed singer in Vietnam, promising an extraordinary night of music for the capital’s devoted fans.

 Vladislav Sulimsky

The Spring Concert, organized by the Sun Symphony Orchestra to celebrate the arrival of the New Year 2024, will take place at the renowned Ho Guom Opera House.

Ho Guom Opera House has been honored as one of the top 10 opera houses in the world by the esteemed World Travel Awards (WTA).

Vladislav Sulimsky, a distinguished baritone, has claimed numerous accolades at international opera competitions and captivated audiences with his exceptional performances on prestigious opera stages worldwide. His remarkable talent has earned him recognition from the most discerning music critics across the globe.

During the upcoming concert, Vladislav Sulimsky, accompanied by the Sun Symphony Orchestra, will enthrall the audience with a spectacular rendition of composer Antonin Dvorak’s magnificent work, “Biblical Songs.”

Vladislav Sulimsky, a baritone singer, will grace the stage at Ho Guom Opera House. Photo courtesy of Ho Guom Opera

Joining Vladislav Sulimsky at the Spring Concert is the exceptionally talented Vietnamese opera singer, Dao To Loan. Loan, renowned for her versatility as a soprano at the Vietnam Opera and Ballet Theater, possesses the remarkable ability to master both Western classical compositions and traditional Vietnamese music.

Having performed in numerous countries worldwide, Loan will captivate the audience with a special piece composed by the celebrated musician, Van Cao.

The audience can anticipate an unforgettable experience as acclaimed masterpieces such as “Carnival Overture” and Dvorak’s “Symphony No.9 – From the New World” resonate throughout the concert hall.

Under the baton of esteemed conductor Olivier Ochanine, the artists and the Sun Symphony Orchestra will impart a powerful message to the audience, emphasizing the timeless vitality and enduring beauty of classical music.