Vietnam’s Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2023 Set to Impress in Hanoi

Vietnam International Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2023 is set to continue the story of sustainable fashion with its theme "Shaping the Future". This event will showcase the beauty of natural and eco-friendly materials, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry.


Vietnam International Fashion Week Fall Winter 2023 is set to take place at the Quan Ngua Sports Palace in Hanoi from November 8-11, playing a vital role in shaping the future of Vietnamese fashion.

According to Trang Le, Chairman of the Association of Southeast Asian Fashion Designers (CAFD) and President of Vietnam International Fashion Week (VIFW), the 16th season of VIFW will bring together esteemed designers such as Ivan Tran, Thao Nguyen, Hoang Quyen, Prio Oktaviano (Indonesia), Cao Minh Tien, and Henry Kof, among others.

 President of Vietnam International Fashion Week Trang Le (center) and fashion designers. Photo: The Hanoi Times

Notably, designer Xuan Thu Nguyen (Netherlands) will be making a homecoming with her brand XUAN. She will be the first Vietnamese designer invited by the French Haute Couture Federation to participate in the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

The event will also showcase collections by young designer Phan Dang Hoang, who recently left an impression at Milan Fashion Week with a collection inspired by Vietnamese craft villages.

“Returning to Hanoi this season, we continue to convey the message of ‘Shaping The Future,’ with the hope of spreading the spirit of sustainable fashion, fostering collective thinking, and seeking novel solutions to change the world every day. This is not just a trend but the future of Vietnamese fashion,” said Trang Le.

Consequently, the event will feature designs paying homage to natural and eco-friendly materials.

Moreover, the organizers aim to celebrate modern and youthful colors. This year’s collections are expected to infuse an eco-friendly spirit into the hearts of fashion enthusiasts, thanks to the ingenuity of designers and renowned domestic and international fashion houses.

A collection by designer Vu Viet Ha. Photo: The Hanoi Times

Designer Vu Viet Ha’s Wave Silk collection will kick off Vietnam International Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2023. The collection takes viewers on a journey with silk material, showcasing a trendy and sustainable lifestyle for the community.

Meanwhile, designer Adrian Anh Tuan will be closing the show this time. With a romantic fashion language, Tuan’s brand Valenciani promises to be manifested in every stitch.

“This is the 16th time VIFW has been held and the 6th time it’s being held in the capital. Having gone through the 15-season journey together, we can confidently state that this time interval is neither excessively long nor too short, allowing Vietnamese fashion to assert its position on the international fashion map. Today, we can proudly reflect on our journey together and propel Vietnamese fashion forward,” said Trang Le.

 The press conference announcing the VIFW is held in Hanoi on October 26. Photo: The Hanoi Times