On the evening of October 28, the Hanoi Singing Contest, organized by Hanoi Radio and Television, held its final round. The contest featured 12 contestants across three genres: Chamber Music, Folk Music, and Light Music, as well as a song about Hanoi.

Tran Thi Van Anh, an 18-year-old contestant from the central province of Ha Tinh, competed in the folk music genre and won first prize. She is the youngest participant in this year’s competition. The Hanoi Singing Contest marks Van Anh’s first entry into a professional music contest.

During the final round, Tran Thi Van Anh delivered an outstanding performance. Her talent and dedication were clear to the judging panel, earning her the top prize. The photo captures the intensity and emotion of Tran Thi Van Anh’s performance, which deeply impressed the audience and judges.

In addition to Tran Thi Van Anh, three more contestants were recognized for their exceptional performances. Ho Van Kanh received second place in the light music category, Nguyen Huu Trung secured second place in the chamber music category, and Mai Thu Huong earned second place in the folk music category.

Notably, three contestants also received third prizes for their remarkable performances. Ninh Trinh Quang Minh received third place in the light music category, Pham Minh Hieu secured third place in the folk music category, and Bui Phuong Khanh Thy earned third place in the light music category.

The organizing committee, led by Le Thi Anh Mai, deputy general director and deputy editor-in-chief of Hanoi Radio-Television, expressed their surprise at the high number of participants and their exceptional talent, surpassing all expectations. The judges faced a challenging task in scoring and selecting the contestants, as their performances were remarkably close in quality.

Hanoi Radio and Television are committed to supporting these talented contestants by providing them with opportunities to perform in various art shows and major events organized in Hanoi. This will help them gain valuable experience and further develop their stage skills.

The photo captures the winners of the Hanoi Singing Contest. They stand proudly, celebrating their well-deserved triumphs in this prestigious competition.

Through this competition, the organizers aim to discover and nurture musical talents to build a new generation of qualified and professional artists. The competition aligns with the Hanoi Party Committee’s Resolution 09 on the Development of Cultural Industries and the Cultural Development Program – Building an Elegant and Civilized Hanoi People.

Registration for the Hanoi Singing Contest began on August 29, attracting nearly 600 applicants from across the country. The contest went through preliminary rounds (September 20-30) and semi-finals (October 15-18) to select the top 12 contestants for the final round.

The Hanoi Singing Contest has a storied history, with its predecessor, the Hanoi Television Singing Contest, first held in 1994 on a biennial basis. However, since 2010, the competition has been temporarily suspended. This contest is renowned for its high professional standards and large number of participants, making it one of the premier singing competitions in the country. It remains a flagship program of Hanoi Radio and Television.