Vietnamese Dance Company to Present Adaptation of Giselle Ballet in August

Audiences will have the chance to witness the revitalization of the renowned ballet as the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet present two shows of their production on August 2 and 3 at the Hanoi Opera House.


The Vietnam National Opera and Ballet (VNOB) is excited to present a captivating performance of the renowned ballet “Giselle” in Hanoi next month. Recognized as one of the top 10 most famous ballets globally, this extraordinary production promises to enchant audiences with its mesmerizing artistry and exceptional talent.

The ballet Giselle will be performed at the Hanoi Opera House on August 2 and 3 at 8 pm. Photo: VNOB

Giselle is widely regarded as an exceptional ballet piece crafted by the renowned French dramatist and novelist Theophile Gautier and playwright Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges, with music composed by Adolphe Adam. Its inaugural performance took place in France in 1841.

The ballet performance embodies the profound message of love and forgiveness, showcasing their transformative power to overcome the deep-seated resentments and animosities within humanity.

The Unique Structure of Giselle Ballet

One of the most fascinating aspects of Giselle ballet is its remarkably contrasting two-act structure.

The Harvest Festival in a Medieval Village in Southern Germany

Giselle, a demure and virtuous young lady, finds herself in the midst of an enchanting atmosphere during the harvest season. This period is marked by a lively celebration in the medieval village, where the locals come together to honor the bountiful harvest.

With her humble nature and natural grace, Giselle is a strong contender to be chosen as the illustrious harvest queen. Her purity and innocence capture the attention of the villagers, who admire her kind-heartedness and gentle demeanor.

The second act of the performance unfolds in the realm of the afterlife, following Giselle’s demise. This ethereal setting showcases a minimalistic backdrop, characterized by enveloping mist and foreboding apparitions yearning to enlist Giselle in their midst.

The ballet Giselle represents the artistic collaboration between choreographer Jean Coralli and composer Adolphe Adam.

The Vietnamese rendition of Giselle will feature renowned artists from the VNOB. Thu Hang will grace the stage as Giselle, while Duc Hieu will portray Albert. Other pivotal roles will be undertaken by a talented ensemble of young artists, promising a rejuvenating and captivating ballet experience.

The upcoming performance will showcase a diverse lineup of exceptional artists, including renowned figures like Phan Luong, Nhu Quynh, and Ngoc Can. Additionally, the stage will feature promising young talents, namely Lan Nhi, Khanh Bang, and Lan Chi.

The VNOB aims to provide a captivating experience for the audience, showcasing their mastery of classical ballet technique and the exceptional acting abilities of their artists. This ballet seeks to satiate the growing expectations of the public when it comes to experiencing the arts.