Vietnam International Fashion Week kicks off with a dazzling display

Vietnam International Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023 commenced on November 8 in Hanoi, encompassing the fervor of #ShapingTheFuture.


The Vietnam International Fashion Week (VIFW) has commenced at Quan Ngua Stadium in Hanoi, featuring scenes inspired by the movement of water waves to convey the message of “living green”.

 The image of Turtle Tower’s stage last year. Photo courtesy of VIFW

Designers Vu Viet Ha, Phan Dang Hoang, and Cao Minh Tien have made their contributions to the first show at VIFW 2023. 

VIFW returned to Hanoi last year after a three-year hiatus, with a re-creation of Thap Rua (Turtle Tower) that represented a millennia-old cultural hub interwoven with the essence of #TasteOfHeritage. This year, VIFW has taken place in the nation’s capital, transformed with a futuristic ambiance, encapsulating the spirit of #ShapingTheFuture.

With the largest number of LED screens ever used for a season of Vietnam International Fashion Week (over 300 square meters of LED screen, 10 meters high and 30 meters wide), the backdrops are ingeniously arranged to create multi-layered depth.

To enhance the visual experience, the LED lighting system is harmoniously synchronized to produce unique, meticulously crafted light shows when combined with the music and colors of each collection.

The U-shaped catwalk stretches 80 meters in length and seamlessly integrates with the successive staircases, offering numerous new routes for the models.

Trang Le, Founder and President of Vietnam International Fashion Week, mentioned that the stages always feature quintessential Vietnamese cultural symbols such as Quan Chuong Gate, Long Bien Bridge, and Turtle Tower.

“This time, with the theme of #ShapingTheFuture and a narrative of future sustainable fashion orientation for the community, we aim to create a stage with a futuristic atmosphere and inspiration drawn from the crashing water waves to propagate the idea of living green,” added Trang Le.

With a grand stage and profound messages, Trang Le hopes the program will elevate the emotions of fashion enthusiasts.

From now until November 11, VIFW will bring together 16 designers and fashion brands, including Phan Dang Hoang, Cao Minh Tien, Tiny Ink by Hoang Quyen, Ivan Tran, Happy Clothing by Thao Nguyen, Priyo Oktaviano (Indonesia), Henry Kof, Xuan Thu Nguyen (Netherlands), Leisure Project (Thailand), CEM by Le Minh Ngoc, Jang Hana, Nguyen Thanh Danh, IHF, The Mab Lab, Vu Viet Ha, and Adrian Anh Tuan.

 Model Luong Thuy Linh presents a creation by Phan Dang Hoang.
Designer Cao Minh Tien with diva Thanh Lam as a featured artist for his collection.
 Designer Vu Viet Ha, VIFW President Trang Le, and model Thanh Hang.
 A model showcasing designs by Cao Minh Tien.