In the bustling metropolis, a heart-wrenching sight unfolded: lottery vendors, sanitation workers, motorbike taxi drivers, and delivery personnel toiled relentlessly under the unforgiving sun, their bodies drenched in sweat.

A delivery worker pauses to quench his thirst with a complimentary glass of orange juice outside a Da Nang City store.

Inspired by compassion, signs emerged near designated hydration stations: “Respected drivers and sanitation workers! Please accept a refreshing glass of iced water to ease the heat,” “Complimentary glasses of orange juice for delivery workers,” and “Sincere wishes for your well-being.”

Nguyen Minh Vuong, a 31-year-old entrepreneur, shared his story. Moved by the plight of laborers struggling in the scorching temperatures, he resolved to make a difference.

With this noble intention, Vuong positioned buckets filled with chilled water bottles outside his barbershops, offering respite to those working outdoors.

From his own pocket, Vuong allocated funds ranging from VND500,000-1 million (US$19.7-39.4) per barbershop to purchase bottled water and other beverages.

For the past ten days, complimentary hydration stations have been established along Pham Nhu Xuong, Tran Cao Van, and Hai Phong Streets.

Vuong expressed his joy at being able to lend a helping hand during this period of extreme heat.

Nguyen Ha, a Thanh Khe District resident, shared her initiative. In addition to financial support from a generous friend, Ha and her employees dedicate their time to preparing refreshing orange juice for outdoor workers.

Daily, dozens of glasses of orange juice are distributed to sanitation workers, lottery vendors, and drivers.

A lottery vendor, having received a complimentary glass of orange juice, expressed her gratitude. The icy beverage not only cooled her down but also provided a much-needed boost of energy.

Vu, a tech-based taxi driver, remarked on the proliferation of free hydration stations within the city, bringing solace to those working outdoors.

Various social media groups dedicated to delivery workers have compiled lists of these free drinking water points, ensuring easy access for those in need.

As the scorching temperatures persist in the central region, with the mercury expected to reach 43 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, the efforts of these compassionate individuals offer a beacon of hope and a testament to the human spirit.

A young boy offers a glass of orange juice to a passerby amidst the intense heat in Da Nang City.

A sign urging delivery workers to accept complimentary orange juice to help them continue earning a livelihood is displayed near a free drinking water station in Da Nang City.

A local business provides 60 glasses of orange juice daily to outdoor workers in Da Nang City.