New Beginnings: Rediscovering Values in the Homeland

The Homeland arts program, New Year edition, weaves together the beautiful narratives of family and home through the mesmerizing expressions of song, dance, and music.


The Gala Tet Que Huong 2024 (New Year in the Homeland) arts program will come to Ho Guom Opera in Hanoi on January 22 with the theme “Tet is the time to return home”. The show will be divided into two parts, each telling different stories. It will be broadcasted during the night of Lunar New Year Eve and the first day of the Lunar New Year.

Singers Minh Quan and Thu Thuy will take the stage at the show. Photo: Khanh Huy/The Hanoi Times

The event will bring together many famous artists, such as Meritorious artists Xuan Hinh, Thanh Lam, and Minh Thu; singers Tung Duong, Kyo York, Trinh Minh Quan, Thai Thuy Linh, Thu Thuy, violinist Qinie, and others. People’s Artist Le Chuc is the artistic advisor for the show.

According to the program’s director and scriptwriter Mai Thanh Tung, the program will tell the story of rediscovering the precious value for everyone, which is family. This includes the happiness of being with loved ones, gathering together, visiting relatives, telling each other what happened in the past year, appreciating what has passed and looking forward to good things.

The press briefing on January 18. Photo: Khanh Huy/The Hanoi Times

Combining singing, poetry recitation, dance, drama, documentaries, and talks, the performances will capture childhood memories of Tet, thoughts and worries about the hectic Tet holidays in modern life, and appreciation of precious values, sending hopes and wishes for the New Year.

“The idea is about journeys on trains and buses where we see our homeland being transformed day by day. It can also be a journey home in the minds of people who are away from home,” said Tung.

The program’s production crew has captured the Tet atmosphere of soldiers in the Truong Sa (Spratlys) Archipelago and overseas Vietnamese in Germany and Japan.

According to Nguyen Thanh Loi, Editor-in-Chief of Economic&Urban Newspaper, the program’s co-host, New Year in the Homeland brings audiences a meaningful time of enjoying music and art, sharing stories and emotions before the Lunar New Year.

Nguyen Thanh Loi, Editor-in-Chief of Economic & Urban Newspaper, said Gala Tet Que Huong 2024 is a meaningful and attractive entertainment program. Photo: Khanh Huy/The Hanoi Times

“We hope to instill motivation and confidence for the future so that each person will strive to constantly rise up with the desire to take our country to the springs of the future,” Loi said.

The Gala Tet Que Huong 2024 art program will be broadcast at 21:00 on February 9 and 20:00 on February 10 on VTC Digital Television channels, VTC Now platform, Economic&Urban Newspaper, Ethnicity and Development Newspaper, VTC News e-newspaper, Saovietplus, and Tu hao Viet Nam YouTube channel.