Moomoo Celebrates Success with Business Partners at Nasdaq Exchange

Moomoo, the world's most advanced trading platform, hosted an exclusive event on April 29th at the Nasdaq MarketSite. This event convened users, business partners, and influencers from seven markets, uniting to celebrate the empowerment of financial education across regions.


The event celebrated the recently announced global strategic collaboration with NASDAQ to continue promoting investor education and increase market access. Moomoo organized this event to provide opportunities for financial and investing influencers to share insights, forge community connections, and inspire smart money management habits.

Moomoo hosted an exclusive event at the Nasdaq MarketSite, brought together business partners from seven markets to celebrate financial education empowerment across regions.

From left to right: Greg Ferrari, Vice President of Exchange Management for North American Market Services at Nasdaq; John Black, Associate Vice President and Head of Index Options at Nasdaq; Thomas Maguire, Associate Vice President and Head of Data Product Management at Nasdaq; Nate Palmer, President, Moomoo Financial Inc.; Brandon Tepper, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Data at Nasdaq; Justin Zacks, Vice President of Strategy, Moomoo Technologies Inc.

“Through collaborating with Nasdaq, we aim to educate our business partners on the use and importance of real-time Level 2 quotes. Advanced tools like Nasdaq TotalView® provide greater transparency to markets, which is an advantage to investors. This event equips our partners with the essential knowledge to further educate their followers – retail investors,” said Justin Zacks, Vice President of Strategy at Moomoo.

“Our platform is dedicated to making complex financial data more accessible and easier to use. This could not be done without the continued support of our partners and collaborators who share our goals of promoting financial education and empowering investors.” Justin further explained.

Taylor Price, a Tik Tok influencer with over one million followers said, “Moomoo’s all-in-one platform makes investing easy for beginners to start and scale up to becoming experts that analyze global markets.”

To celebrate its six-year collaboration, Moomoo and Nasdaq worked together to offer eligible moomoo users an exclusive 3-month free access of Nasdaq TotalView® on moomoo platform. By giving users access to this in-depth level-2 data, moomoo and Nasdaq hope to boost retail investors’ trading experience while they are both dedicated to empowering investors with advanced trading technology and comprehensive market insights.

Especially for Canadian investors, moomoo pioneered “extended trading hours” feature, allowing users to trade US stocks and ETFs from 4am to 8pm, providing more flexibility and trading opportunities. The sophisticated technology behind moomoo also enables faster order execution.

About moomoo

Moomoo is a leading global investment and trading platform dedicated to empowering investors with user-friendly tools, data, and insights. Our platform is designed to provide essential information and technology, enabling users to make well-informed investment decisions. With advanced charting tools, and pro-level analytical features, Moomoo evolves alongside our users, fostering a dynamic community where investors can share, learn, and grow together.

Founded in the US, Moomoo operates globally, serving investors in countries such as the US, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Canada and Malaysia. As a subsidiary of a Nasdaq-listed company, we take pride in our role as a global strategic partner of the Nasdaq, earning numerous international accolades from renowned industry leaders such as Benzinga and Fintech Breakthrough. Moomoo has also received multiple awards in the US, Singapore, and Australia for its cutting-edge, inclusive approach to investing.