Eight songs uplift the spirit of people in Covid-19 fight

These newly composed songs are also Hanoi’s tribute to the frontline forces in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports has released eight songs on the theme of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. These songs are composed to encourage the spirit of people from all walks of life, calling them to come together to fight the pandemic.

Frontline doctors at Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi. Photo: Pham Hung

These songs are Chung tay Vietnam(Joining hands – Vietnam) by Kelvin Chinh, Nguoi chien si nganh y (Medical Combatants) by Le Nhi Ha, Chien si tuyen dau chong dich (Frontline Fighters in the Anti-pandemic Battle) by Tran Tuan, Neu anh khong ve (If I Do Not Come Back) by Huyen Ngoc and Vu Tuan, Anh se ve nhung khong phai hom nay (I’ll Be Back But Not Today) by Kien Ninh and Vu Van Ngoc, Loi ru tuyen dau (Frontline Lullaby) by Huyen Ngoc and Ba Mon, Tan bien di Virus Corona (Get Lost, Coronavirus!) by Tran Hung and Toi yeu Viet Nam (I Love Vietnam) by Giap Van Thinh.

These songs were composed in response to “Campaign to Compose Propaganda Songs about Covid-19 Prevention and Control” and on the occasion of “Vietnamese Action Month for Children” in 2021.

Participants in the contest are professional and amateur musicians from Hanoi.

According to the organizing committee, shortly after the launch of the contest, they received 65 songs and 165 poems by 111 authors. Of which, 40 songs and 70 poems were chosen for the final round, and the above-mentioned works were the most excellent and heart-touching songs.

These songs will be recorded by famous local singers. The music recordings will be broadcast on Hanoi Radio and Television Station and grassroots radio stations in the capital in order to widely spread the messages of encouragement to the people to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic.

The song below is entitled Chung tay Vietnam (Joining hands – Vietnam) by Kelvin Chinh was performed by Vietnamese artists. Source: Kelvin Chinh Official YouTube Channel.