Demand for domestic travel information plunges due to COVID-19

Since late April when the latest wave of COVID-19 hit Vietnam, the volume of domestic tourists searching for travel information has dropped sharply to a very low level, according to statistics from Google Destination Insights.


Demand for domestic travel information plunges due to COVID-19

                                        A boat sails on Vung Tau sea (Source: VNA)

Data from the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism also showed that the number of domestic visitors fell from 9 million in April to 3.5 million in May and 0.5 million in July.

Demand for seeking information about tourism accommodation services has plunged since May. In major tourist destinations nationwide, the rate of room cancelation has exceeded 90 percent and lodging facilities have been forced to close on a large scale.

The entire nation logged 4.6 million in-house tourists in April, with the figure dropping to 1.8 million in May, 0.9 million in June, and 0.3 million in July.


Following the downward trend, demand for aviation information between May and now declined by 85 percent compared to the same period last year.

According to Google Destination Insights, the top searched domestic destinations included Ho Chi Minh City, Da Lat, Phu Quoc, Hanoi, Da Nang, and Nha Trang.

Source: VNA