Buc Tuong Rock Band Releases New Album Recorded Underground

For the first time, Buc Tuong has taken on the challenge of shooting a music video (MV) 15m below ground level in a subway station, creating stunning visuals with a variety of shooting angles.


The band’s leader, singer-songwriter Nguyen Xuan Huy, said the album was created to bring balance to their fans. “We wanted to create a collection of songs that resonates with our fans and that talks to their current life experiences,” he said.

The album is the band’s first to be released in 24 years, and features 12 songs written by the band members over the past two years. Huy said that the album was inspired by their journey in the music industry and their relationship with their fans.

On April 16th, Buc Tuong (The Wall) released their highly anticipated album Can bang (Balance) at Hanoi Book Street, celebrating 28 years of making music. Lead singer-songwriter Nguyen Xuan Huy shared that this album was created to bring balance to the lives of their fans. He stated, “We wanted to create a collection of songs that our fans can relate to and that express their daily lives.”

This album marks the band’s first release in 24 years, featuring twelve songs written by the band members over the past two years. Huy shared that this album was inspired by their journey in the music industry and their deep connection with their fans.

The album boasts 10 tracks of hard rock, modern rock with vibrant rhythms, and the romantic rock ballad for which Buc Tuong is renowned. All styles come together to create a unique listening experience that is sure to delight music lovers.

The band conveys an inspiring message through their album: “In our long journey through life, it is essential to find a balance to replenish our spirit when we come across fatigue and obstacles. We must focus on the positive and let go of the negative.”

With the song Sunflower, the audience experienced something completely new and unprecedented: a rock song fused with symphonic orchestra music. Thanks to the orchestral talent and expertise of conductor Luu Quang Minh, Buc Tuong’s musical experiment was a resounding success.

 Guitarist Tran Tuan Hung and the band exchange with audiences at Hanoi Book Street. Photo: Ngo Minh/The Hanoi Times

Sunflower evokes beautiful images of vast fields, inspiring wishes, and positive thoughts about life. Buc Tuong and the orchestra’s music skillfully express these feelings with clarity and passion.

Some scenes were shot at S9 Kim Ma Underground Station, Metro Line 3, Hanoi.

During a meeting between representatives from the Management Board of the Hanoi Urban Railway Project and the band Buc Tuong, a daring idea was proposed to film a music video (MV) at the underground station under construction. Fortunately, they received permission and support to bring the necessary equipment to the site.

Guitarist Tran Tuan Hung declared, “It’s incredibly exciting to perform alongside scaffolding, concrete, iron, and steel – it’s quite a unique experience!”

With Balance, it was the first time that Tran Tuan Hung contributed his voice to the rap part of the song, providing an interesting surprise for Buc Tuong’s fans.

In addition to the songs of Tran Tuan Hung and Vu Van Ha, the album also brought a pleasant surprise when singer Pham Anh Khoa contributed a song and took on the lead vocal role: Freedom. This track has been widely praised for its powerful and emotive lyrics and mesmerizing performance. With the combination of all three singers, the album is sure to be a standout in the Vietnamese music scene.

A short song, but it speaks volumes about the inner struggle of an artist. Trying to become who they truly are, and do what they think and desire, this song captures their feelings with a powerful melody.

The band releases products online on international and Vietnamese music platforms: Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Nhaccuatui, Zing Mp3… The public can listen to the entire album at the general link.