Vietnam’s Opportunity to Become a Semiconductor Industry Powerhouse

According to the world's technology giants, Vietnam has great potential in artificial intelligence, presenting an opportunity to redefine the global semiconductor landscape.

Phung Viet Thang, country director of Intel in Vietnam. Photo: VGP

Redrawing the World Map of Semiconductors

Phung Viet Thang, country director of Intel in Vietnam, said that his company sees the development of the semiconductor industry as a huge opportunity for all countries involved. In countries that have already developed this industry, especially global companies like Intel, new needs are emerging that require changes and a redrawing of the position on the world map of semiconductors. This presents a unique opportunity for Vietnam.

Phung Viet Thang said, “To do that, Vietnam needs methodical and in-depth strategies, but at the same time, we don’t have much time. Therefore, we need quick, specific plans. This strategy should encompass various aspects, from investment and resources to human capital and technological infrastructure.”

The semiconductor industry involves different stages, each requiring different human resources. Accordingly, there needs to be a separate and specific action plan for each type of human resource to develop, tailored to Vietnam’s strengths.

Business-to-business cooperation will automatically have trade mechanisms. It will promote technology transfer, which will in turn produce high-quality human resources to meet new technological requirements.

Additionally, semiconductors and artificial intelligence (AI) are two inseparable fields. If there is a policy to develop the semiconductor industry, there also needs to be a specific policy to develop AI alongside it. As Vietnamese businesses can develop and get ahead in semiconductors, this can also drive the development of AI.

Vietnam Has Great Potential in Artificial Intelligence

The Managing Director of Google Vietnam stated that artificial intelligence is one of the most prioritized areas of innovation in the technology sector. As a leader in artificial intelligence development, Google recognizes the great potential of AI for Vietnam.

“We strongly believe in Vietnam’s future, and Google has been investing in this market, including digital skills improvement programs for Vietnamese people. We are currently expanding these efforts and focusing on artificial intelligence programs,” said Google Vietnam’s Managing Director.

Managing Director of Google Vietnam spoke at the conference. Photo: VGP

He emphasized the importance of investing in infrastructure to promote the development of artificial intelligence in Vietnam. For example, emerging markets need appropriate infrastructure to develop AI talent.

According to the Managing Director of Google Vietnam, Google recently committed to offering 40,000 Google Career Certificates in artificial intelligence throughout Vietnam. This program will equip workers with the necessary skills to succeed in the AI market.

Google also provides cloud-based AI resources to students and programmers, as the company sees this provision as bringing career opportunities for learners in Vietnam.

Google wishes to collaborate with Vietnamese government ministries, departments, and agencies to develop the intelligence market in Vietnam.

Additionally, Google believes that the Government should introduce supportive policies to promote the establishment of a strong AI ecosystem, including policies on prioritizing cloud computing.

Rosie Nguyen