Traditional Cream Cake for Vietnamese Teachers

The trend of painting a word on cakes for loved ones has been started by teenagers in Hanoi.


The “Connection Cake: One Word Cream Cake” campaign is currently underway among the young people of Hanoi to celebrate Vietnamese Teachers’ Day (November 20).

A simple word written on a cake has the power to inspire thousands of stories dedicated to teachers on this special occasion. The campaign aims to strengthen community bonds and bring people closer together through the pleasure of delicious cakes.

TV presenter Tran Manh Khang prepares a cake for his teacher. Photo: The Hanoi Times

Participants will create videos of themselves learning to make one-word cakes at Nhat Huong Cake Vocational School, the initiator of the campaign, and share the story behind their word by posting it on social media platforms. They will also invite the community to join in the campaign.

The most popular words suggested are Tolerance, Honesty, Strict, and Love. Participants are encouraged to include a personal story or memory about their teachers.

“When students present their teachers with the cake, the teachers will ask why they chose these particular words. This will then lead to conversations about shared memories,” said a spokesperson.

Nguyen Ngoc Long, media advisor of the campaign, revealed: “In our busy lives, the cake becomes a bridge that connects the community. We understand that some students may need assistance to make the cakes, but when they come up with their chosen word and write it on the cake themselves, they experience strong emotions. A small word initiates a long story, and that is how we open our hearts to one another.

Long also mentioned that after the “One Word Cream Cake” campaign, the “Connection Cake” campaign will continue during Christmas, Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, and other occasions to bring people closer together.

Principal of Nhat Huong Cake Vocational School presents flowers to young people participating in the campaign. Photo: The Hanoi Times

The campaign’s goodwill ambassador is Vietnamese television presenter Tran Manh Khang, and it has recruited 20 young individuals as social media ambassadors.

Khang has been involved in various charity and environmental projects as an ambassador. He explained that he joined this campaign because it holds a significant humane meaning.

Khang shared that he used to be a mischievous student and had negative thoughts about his teachers.

“I am where I am today not only because of my family background but also because of the support I received from many teachers. During my time in secondary school, I was mischievous and even hated some of my teachers. However, one particular teacher was strict with me while also being patient. This is why I chose the word Tolerance to write on the cake,” Khang shared.

Journalist Phuong Minh Le (Hanoi) responded enthusiastically to the campaign. She made a cake with the word “Gratitude” written on it.

“Besides the traditional well wishes for November 20, I find this campaign very interesting because with just one word, it can convey a heartfelt expression of gratitude towards my teachers,” said Phuong Minh Le.