Golf tourism is highly regarded by luxury travelers, according to Trinh Nguyen Hung Dung, the chairman of the Saigon Golf Tourism Society.

Visitors who come to Vietnam for golfing tend to have longer stays compared to other groups of tourists.

Statistics from the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism show that about 20 percent of Asian travelers, such as South Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese, visit Vietnam with the intention of playing golf.

Ho Chi Minh City is actively working towards attracting more golfers from these markets.

The city boasts excellent golfing infrastructure, a variety of accommodation options, shopping centers, and restaurants to cater to the needs of international golf enthusiasts.

It is crucial to develop unique golf products to appeal to golfers and encourage them to visit the city, Dung emphasized.

Golf tours and tournaments will be tailored to the preferences of tourists from different countries. For instance, European golfers prefer playing on long courses, while South Korean golf players tend to favor shorter ones.

Therefore, the Saigon Golf Tourism Society plans to collaborate with various units and service providers to offer attractive golf tours and organize diverse golf tournaments, thereby enriching the range of tourism products in the city.

The Ho Chi Minh City golf tourism competition is scheduled to take place at Tan Son Nhat Golf Course in Go Vap District next Friday.

This tournament aims to promote golf tourism in the city and is expected to feature up to 100 local and international golfers.