In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, environmental pollution, and diseases, people need to take care of their health and relieve stress. Thus, tourism activities associated with wellness and healthcare are being given more and more attention in the world, according to holiday-makers.

The “yoga class by the sea” is a dispensable part of travelers’ wellness holiday in Da Nang city. Photo: TIA Wellness Resort

They forecast that the wellness holiday will take the throne in 2022. “The long trips of tourists will not only be for sightseeing, but also for healthcare,” they stated.

According to the results of a recent survey by American Express, 76% of respondents said they would like to spend more on travel to improve their health and 55% said they would be willing to pay more for health care services or related activities during the trip.

The data analysis organization GWI also forecast that between 2020 and 2025, the average annual growth rate of healthcare tourism will be 20.9%, faster than other healthcare sectors.

The GWI report also added that healthcare tourists are often richer, more educated and have more travel opportunities than segments of travelers. They are willing to spend more money on travel experiences, services and amenities that support their health and well-being. They are willing to pay about USD$1,601 per trip.

In fact, wellness tourism has become popular in other countries in the region such as India, Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, among others.

Local experts believe that this trend will develop strongly in Vietnam in the coming time. As the public awareness about wellness rises, the hotel sector has implemented multiple remarkable adjustments to the business as well as an operational model to effectively meet the customers’ demands.

Many resorts have stepped up their wellness offerings from equipping rooms with exercise bikes to adding a number of mental healthcare programs.

The lush green space of TIA Wellness Resort. Photo courtesy of the resort

The TIA Wellness Resort in Da Nang, whose former name was Fusion Maia Da Nang, was one of seems the pioneers in this new tourism trend in 2022.

Offering much more than just a relaxing escape from reality, visitors to the resort are empowered to break free from routine and expand possibilities, shaping their reality and embarking on a journey of self-discovery to return home refreshed and renewed.

“Our new concept includes well-being in every sense, taking wellness to a new level in all aspects. In the current time, taking care of one’s well-being has become a priority for most people and we let travelers do just that in a relaxed and creative way,” General Manager of TIA Wellness Resort Ramon Imper told The Hanoi Times.

He said the resort wishes to offer travelers much more than just a relaxing escape from reality, integrating a depth of wellness into each stay, thus helping guests to better manage stress as well as have a newer and fresher body and mind after the vacation.

The tranquil garden of Sheraton Hanoi Hotel. Photo: Huong Nguyen

Meanwhile, the nearby resort of InterContinental Danang Peninsula Resort also offers a “Staycation Package” that is aimed at customers who want a luxury vacation in Vietnam. They provide many indoor and outdoor fitness exercises as well as yoga and Taichi classes, among others.

“We crafted the Staycation Package to give an exceptional experience with great value including complimentary breakfast, choice of lunch or dinner, and inclusion of wellness activities as well. We all need convenience, privacy, and connection to nature right now, and hopefully, this package delivers that to our guests”, Seif Hamdy, General Manager of InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort told The Hanoi Times.

In Hanoi, Sheraton Hanoi Hotel is considered as “an authentic resort in the heart of the city”. The hotel is surrounded by lush gardens, sweeping lawns, and tranquil courtyards. Its Oasis Relax Center offers a place for total replenishment with an enticing array of customizable healthcare services.

Located in the center of the hotel, Le Spa du Metropole blends harmoniously into its environment, a 400-square meter space overlooking the garden courtyard and pool. Each massage area is private, allowing guests to meditate, recharge, and make the most of the spa experience.  All treatments are provided with international and local high-end products such as Sothys, Ytsara and Laurent Severac.