Aquarium Pedestrian Bridge: A Stunning Addition to Hanoi’s Allure

Contemporary art installations adorn the Tran Nhat Duat pedestrian bridge, simultaneously promoting pedestrian traffic and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of Hanoi's urban landscape.


A vibrant 3D aquarium coupled with modern lighting has been recently installed at the pedestrian overpass on Tran Nhat Duat Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

This is the newest street art project undertaken by artist Vu Xuan Dong and his associates.

According to curator Nguyen The Son, the aquarium walkway is a unique creation that merges both contemporary and traditional Vietnamese elements. “The project draws inspiration from the beauty of the ocean, combined with the painting “Ca chep vuot vu mon” or “Carp Pass Heaven’s Gate to Become a Dragon” from the Hang Trong folk painting,” he explained.

The bridge arch has been transformed into a large aquarium, featuring dozens of colorful and visually striking fish models. On either side of the bridge are impressive modern lighting installations. Additionally, the stairs leading up to the bridge are adorned with two Hang Trong folk paintings. Meanwhile, underneath the bridge is a 3D mural titled “Paper Boats.”

The creators of the Aquarium Pedestrian Bridge project have previously participated in numerous public art projects on Phuc Tan and Phung Hung streets in Hoan Kiem District.  

 Tran Nhat Duat Street Pedestrian Bridge was constructed in 2014.
Spanning 44.6 meters in length, 3 meters in width, and featuring two spans, the bridge is constructed from steel and reinforced concrete.
The bridge has recently undergone a “makeover”, captivating the attention of passersby.
The vibrant fish sculptures bring a sense of liveliness to the entire area.
 Pedestrians express delight as they traverse the bridge.
 Painter Le Dang Ninh and his light installation titled “Waves”.
 The waves are interspersed with images from the ancient book “Mechanics and Crafts of the People of Annam” by French scholar Henri Oger (1885-1936).
 Fish, squid, and jellyfish are crafted from recycled plastic bottles, cups, and straws by local art students.
 The captivating beauty of the Tran Nhat Duat Pedestrian Bridge has swiftly gained recognition among local residents.
 It has become a popular photography spot for many young individuals.

 The project aims to foster the habit of walking and exploring urban artwork within the community.