The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) in Vietnam, in collaboration with Vietnamese singer Dong Nhi, released a music video about the food and people of Japan as part of a large-scale Japanese tourism promotion campaign.

  The number of Vietnamese visitors to Japan was 284,000 in 2022. Photo: JNTO

The VM intends to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam (1973-2023) this year. 

Earlier, the JNTO appointed “Nhi Thang Family” including singer Dong Nhi, her partner Cao Thang and their daughter Winnie as tourism ambassadors of the campaign which is themed “Japan Endless Discovery, the Origin of Passion” from November 2022.

The video clip shows the Nhi Thang family discovering Japanese culture, visiting popular destinations and enjoying delicious food during their trip to Japan.


La organización dijo que este videoclip tiene como objetivo difundir ampliamente los atractivos del turismo japonés, así como contribuir a impulsar los viajes de vietnamitas a Japón. Dijo que seguirá trabajando con Nhi Thang Family para promover el turismo.

La JNTO también señaló que el número de visitantes vietnamitas a Japón fue de 284.000 en 2022.

According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT), Japan has always been a destination of special attraction for Vietnamese, eager to explore the East Asian country with a unique culture, friendly people, exquisite cuisine and a shopping paradise.

Pham Van Thuy, Vice Chairman of VNAT, stated that the Vietnam-Japan Joint Declaration on Tourism Cooperation creates a premise for concrete cooperation and development. Vietnam also has much to offer with rich and diverse tourism products, from cultural, heritage and eco-tourism to high-end beach resorts stretching from north to south.

Thuy added that, in 2019, Vietnam received nearly one million Japanese arrivals. Japan ranks third on the list of countries and territories sending the most visitors to Vietnam.