Top romantic destinations for women in Hanoi

The nearby and romantic tourist destinations within Hanoi are ideal places for men to organize a short trip to entertain their girlfriends on the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day (October 20).


On the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20 – the first holiday after the relaxation of social distancing rules in Hanoi, The Hanoi Times has handpicked a selection of domestic destinations that offer something special and unique to suit different passions and interests of Vietnamese women of all ages.

So that once travel is possible, they can choose from a handful of beautiful and enchanting destinations that promise to offer enriching travel experiences.

Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake and nearby Hanoi’s Old Quarter Area

The romantic beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake in the autumn. Photo: Ho Ha

Sword Lake is not only a famous tourist destination in Hanoi but also known as a “dating paradise”. Visiting the lake at any time of the day, couples also find their own romantic and poetic moments.

Hanoi’s iconic lake has a very typical beauty on foggy mornings. The quiet surface of the lake and the looming turtle tower creates a perfect beauty in the morning dew. The tranquil space allows couples to chat for hours without any interruption.

Located in the city center, it is obviously the best venue for watching the sunset in the capital city. Smaller than West Lake and surrounded by colonial houses and buildings, the lake looks mystic at sunset as the light shines through the gap between houses to reflect on the lake.

The light is even more magical when it passes through the canopy of many enormous ancient trees around the lake. It’s such a magical moment for a sweet hug and kisses.

Riding around and watching the sunset at the West Lake

The gorgeous sunset on the West Lake. Photo: Vu Quan

West Lake is regarded as the most beautiful place during the sunset by many people. Covering about 500 hectares of the water surface, the largest natural lake of Hanoi provides many corners to enjoy the huge orange sun gradually going down every late afternoon, dyeing the lake with its sparkling golden light.

The sky “wears” different clothes whose colors change by the minute, sometimes red and other times pink or multi-color, making the lake so romantic with the silhouettes of young couples who are hand in hand strolling around the place.

There are also many cafes with beautiful views along the West Lake. Why don’t you stop at a street food stall by the lake where hundreds of girl’s beloved snacks such as boiled snails, shrimp cakes, ice cream or milk tea are served? 

Admire Hanoi from above

The magnificent Hoan Kiem Lake from Avalon Restaurant Cafe. Photo courtesy of Avalon

May young girls would  wonder how Hanoi look from above? Let’s satisfy her by an advance booking for a romantic candle-lit dinners at one among some renown restaurant-cum-cafeterias in Hanoi’s centre such as Skyline Hanoi, Panorama Restaurant & Bar Top, Grill 63, The Rooftop, 6 Degrees, among others. The views of the lakes, the Red River, the rooftops and buildings are insane. People can watch the sunset and fully relax and switch off.

Especially, on the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day, many cafes will decorate according to special feminine themes and have attractive promotions for women.

Strolling around shopping malls

The Lotte Shopping Mall, Lotte Center, Hanoi. Photo:

Large commercial centers in Hanoi such as Vincom Megamall Royal City, Times City, The Garden, Lotte Center Hanoi or Aeon Malls are ready to serve all the entertainment needs of women of all ages.In the modern days, commercial centers are not only shopping places but also ideal dating venues with tons of entertainment spots, restaurants or cafeteria. Thousands of visitors choose the commercial center as a destination for shopping, dining and entertaining on weekends or holidays.

Let’s trekking and camping at Tram Mountain Complex

Tram mountain has a moderate height that is suitable for hiking and camping. Photo: 

If you are a trekking enthusiast, Tram Mountain is a fun destination within Hanoi that should not be missed. The relic complex is situated in Tram Mountain in Long Chau village, Phung Chau commune, Chuong My district, some 25km southwest Hanoi. It features three ritual sites of Tram Pagoda, Hang Pagoda and Vo Vi pagoda.

The lesser-known tourist destination is considered as a ‘rocky plateau’ in Hanoi, evoking wildness and inspiring magnificent poetry with a peaceful world of rock, grass and trees.

The great limestone karst is made up of many small peaks, bizarre rocks and mysterious caves that make visitors feel as if they are in the rocky plateau of Ha Giang Province.

When the weather is fine, setting a campsite on the top of Tram Mountain after a long day trekking around would be a good choice for those who want to stay overnight within the nature. 

Wonderful trip to Ba Vi National Park

The Ba Vi National Park offers a great escape from the city with cool fresh mountain air in a mystical atmospheric backdrop of clouds, jungle and tropical rainforest. Photo: Ho Ha

Located about 60 km west of Hanoi`s downtown, Ba Vi National Park providing visitors with the typical tropical majestic scenery of the mountains and forests. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Ba Vi has earned the reputation of a relaxing retreat thanks to the diversity of its ecosystems, beautiful scenery and fresh climate.

The national park covers the  mountain range with three high peaks, with the King Peak as the highest with 1296 meters above the sea level, followed by Tan Vien Peak at 1227 meters high and Ngoc Hoa Peak at 1131 meters high.

Visiting Ba Vi National Park in October and November, visitors will have the chance to admire lovely yellow wildflowers that bloom alongside the road right, from the foot to the top of the Ba Vi Mountain.