Islands, beach cities and famous tourist cities are expected to come on top of mind of Vietnamese travelers in 2021 as Covid-19 is being rolled back. 

 Phu Quoc Island is one of the most favorite destinations among Vietnamese travelers. Photo: Sun Group

Vietnamese tourists often opt for a two-to-three-day tour when they have a long weekend or short holidays. Their preferred destinations are those in the proximity of their cities and easily accessible by road, according to a recent report conducted by Outbox Consulting, a research & consulting firm in Vietnam. 

Regarding beach cities, Vung Tau in the southern province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau and Nha Trang in the southern province of Khanh Hoa are among popular destinations that domestic travelers would visit at their convenience. Ha Long in the northern province Quang Ninh, Sapa in the northern province of Lao Cai, Phu Quoc Island in the southern province of Kien Giang or Da Lat in the Tay Nguyen (Central Highland) province of Lam Dong are expected enjoy a high number of tourist arrivals this year.

Four trend groups in 2021

In 2020, the four factors that affected Vietnam tourism sector include vaccine, the government’s policies, economy and environment, according to Outbox Consulting. 

The number of Covid-19 infections continues to increase and WHO officials warn that health systems are collapsing under coronavirus. The availability of Covid-19 vaccines and tourism policies of each country are prerequisites for boosting travel demand. Finance also has a part to play in consumers’ travel motivation.

Given income contraction, travelers start to vote with their wallets when weighing destinations. The pandemic was not the only tragedy in 2020 as many people were killed but also natural disasters as the consequences of climate change which displaced millions. These events have raised environmental awareness and responsibility. 

 Sapa in the northern province of Lao Cai. Photo: Sun Group

The Vietnam Travel Trends 2021 report revealed that Covid-19 extended the impact of these effects on the Vietnamese tourism industry and influenced a great deal in form four trend groups including travel, planning and booking, technology and destination in 2021.

Regarding travel trends, this year will be a good opportunity for Vietnam’s wellness tourism market, especially the country is emerging as a safe destination for pandemic control. During the pandemic, fatigue and stress have become almost familiar to everyone. 

Regarding planning and booking trends, in times of disruption and uncertainty, travelers are in dire need of an invaluable source of information to stay informed of the latest coronavirus news. Covid-19 underlines the critical role of travel agents, they not only sell tours and events like before but also have fountains of knowledge and information. 

Therefore, destinations, airlines, hotels, and car rental companies should collaborate closely with travel agents to ensure they all have the details they need to increase consumer base and handle any potential disturbances.

Regarding technology trends, online tours are seeing a surge in popularity as they take advantage of virtual reality technology. In the future, virtual experiences can become a standard for each enterprise, enabling visitors to connect with their tour guides and experience services prior to booking. This type of experience will help local businesses hook customers and run direct marketing effectively.

Regarding destination trends, travelers will be more cognizant of the need to travel to places and pick tours that make it easy to maintain health and safety.