Son Tay Town Launches Tourism Year, Honoring Two New Destinations

Visitors to Hanoi's Son Tay Town will now have the opportunity to explore a new and unique tourist destination on the outskirts of the town, offering a true, authentic experience that allows them to get in touch with nature and the local way of life.


The Son Tay Tourism Year will be kicked off on May 27th with a focus on promoting the town’s cultural and historical heritage. The event aims to attract more visitors to the area by highlighting the unique sights and attractions that the town has to offer. Activities such as cultural performances, traditional games, and sightseeing tours will be organized to help visitors appreciate the area’s rich cultural heritage. Additionally, the event will seek to promote sustainable tourism, which will help protect the town’s natural environment.

 Long Ho tourist spot attracts a large number of visitors every year. Photo: Long Ho Tourist Spot

The event will announce the recognition of two new tourist destinations: Long Ho (Kim Son Commune) and Glory Resort (Xuan Son Commune).

Long Ho boasts 90 hectares of serene land that overlooks the majestic Dong Mo Lake. Visitors to the area can experience a luxurious retreat at the nearby Glory Resort, which offers a wealth of amenities and services.

According to Le Dai Thang, Vice Chairman of the Son Tay People’s Committee, the spots would be added to the locality’s tourism services, offering a range of experiences such as eco-tourism, spiritual tourism, and cultural activities.

In addition to visiting historical and cultural sites, such as Duong Lam Ancient Village, Den Va Temple, and Mia Pagoda, tourists now have the opportunity to explore new destinations offering a unique and authentic experience. Thang emphasized that these new attractions will enable visitors to connect with nature and local life, as well as the Dong Mo Lake Tourist Area – which features an international standard golf course.

He noted that the recognition of Long Ho and Glory Resort as premier tourist destinations is a testament to the city’s commitment to developing its tourism industry and promoting its rich cultural heritage.

Son Tay City has 244 relics, including 16 recognized as national ones. It also has a wealth of intangible cultural heritage.