Frozen White Frost: Northern Mountainous Vietnam

The entire mountainous region in the northeast was adorned with a mesmerizing blanket of ice, forming a breathtaking vista that captured the imagination.


The freezing snow on some mountain peaks is an extraordinary and uncommon sight as the temperature dropped on January 22 and 23.

Ice and snow accumulated in certain areas in the mountainous regions of northern Vietnam, including Phia Oac Mountain in Cao Bang Province, Yen Tu Mountain in Quang Ninh Province, and Mau Son Mountain in Lang Son Province.

Experts attribute this icy scene to a powerful cold front that hit the northern mountainous region of Vietnam.

Below are photos taken by Cao Bang Hong Photography Club & VOV. 

Situated in the northeast of Vietnam at an elevation of 1,931 meters above sea level, Cao Bang is one of the locations where snow and ice are most likely to appear.
Icicles can be seen hanging from the trees at the top of Phia Oac Mountain.
Photographers rush to Phia Oac Mountain to capture images of the snow and ice. 
Mount Phia Oac is one of the premier tourist attractions in Cao Bang Province and one of the highest peaks in northern Vietnam.
Dong Pagoda in Yen Tu Mountain, located in the northeastern province of Quang Ninh, is blanketed in white snow.
The summit of Yen Tu Mountain, which stands at 1,068 meters, is typically enveloped in white clouds and occasionally experiences snowfall.
Snow and ice have also covered Mau Son Mountain in Lang Son Province this morning, as the temperature dropped to minus one degree Celsius.
Tourists flock to Mau Son Mountain to witness the snowy scenery.
The falling snow enhances the beauty of Mau Son, creating a breathtaking landscape.
The chilly weather adds to the charm of Mau Son Mountain.