Youngster restores old works to revive history

Anyone with a passion for history, especially about the late President Ho Chi Minh, may have seen a documentary of him being interviewed in French in 1964. Not many, however, would have seen a colour version of the film until a youngster in Hanoi had decided to engage in the work.


Vien Hong Quang is a young history enthusiast living in Hanoi. As a freelance video editor, he has spent a lot of time on his passion, which is colour film restoration, image quality enhancement with artificial intelligence technology, and adding Vietnamese subtitles to many historical documents. He often shares his work on social media.

Among the videos and photos Quang has restored, a film with President Ho Chi Minh answering an interview on June 5, 1964 with a reporter from the French Broadcasting Office has received the most views, with 18 million and hundreds of shares.

“The film clip’s original version was silent. Maybe there are other versions with audio – I don’t know. I had to seek sound effects from foreign sound databases. The more I learned about Uncle Ho, the more I admired the great father of Vietnam,” Quang said.

This is the music video “Em duoc nghe chuyen Bac Ho” (I’ve been told Uncle Ho’s story), written by musician Pham Tuyen in 1957. Quang assembled the video from many other works about President Ho Chi Minh at the time the president was in Dinh Hoa, Thai Nguyen province, in 1954. He combined several effects, including the sound of forests, footsteps, and a typewriter, among others, to create a realistic feel for the film.

Besides works on President Ho Chi Minh, Quang has also given new life to historical works on famous Vietnamese figures such as former Prime Minister Pham Van Dong, General Vo Nguyen Giap, former Vice President and talented diplomat Nguyen Thi Binh, Professor and Doctor Ton That Tung, and the first chairman of Hanoi, Dr Tran Duy Hung, among others./.