Vietnam’s tourism strives to bounce back

The tourism sector is making concerted efforts to recover after a stagnant stage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on promoting domestic travel while preparing to welcome foreign arrivals.


To give a boost to the domestic market, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism initiated a ‘Vietnamese travelling Vietnam’ campaign. In response, several localities like Quang Ninh, Nghe An, and Da Nang have launched their own tourism promotion programmes.

Meanwhile, to support the development of products during this period, the Tourism Advisory Council and its partners carried out a study on outstanding travelling trends of Vietnamese after social distancing.

According to the study, demand for tourism began recovering in mid-April, with tourists prioritising safety and discounts. Holiday-makers often want to go to beach and enjoy nature. They prefer short tours with small groups of families and friends to not-so-faraway places.

The Vietnam Tourism Association is running a nationwide ‘Vietnam – a bright destination’ programme aiming at stimulating demand while ensuring safety for visitors, reducing prices but sustaining service quality or keeping prices unchanged but adding more services./.