Vietnamese in Laos proud of homeland’s achievements

The 13th National Party Congress is taking place in Hanoi. Overseas Vietnamese, including those in Laos, have voiced their expectations of the success of the event while expressing their pride in the country’s achievements under the Party’s leadership.


Businessman Duong Dinh Bang, who has lived in Laos for many years, often follows Vietnam’s socio-economic situation. In recent times, despite COVID-19, it still recorded achievements and was among just a few countries to post positive growth, which makes him proud.

Many Vietnamese in Laos have been following the country’s biggest and most important political event.

Vietnamese expatriates in Laos also hope that the congress’s results will promote the nation’s growth.

Overseas Vietnamese express their hope that the sound relationship between Vietnam and Laos will continue to develop, creating favourable conditions for them to live and contribute to the development of the host country./.