Vietnamese in Germany supplying Vietnamese food to compatriots

Some 180,000 Vietnamese people now call Germany home. Many have set up businesses in the hope of catering to demand for Vietnamese food while contributing to local economic development.


Lehop is a Vietnamese company specialising in roasted duck and chicken as well as tofu. The company now employs 40 Vietnamese workers, producing 18,000 tofu boxes every day for sale to Vietnamese people in Germany and five other European countries. During COVID-19, the company has run at full capacity but demand has increased to 150 percent of supply over the last few months.

The company provides over 15 tonnes of roasted duck and chicken to the market, with all of its products receiving good feedback from Vietnamese people in the country.

Lehop’s products are now found on shelves in most countries in Europe, serving primarily Vietnamese people. It plans to introduce more products in the future, such as fried tofu and soya beans, so that Vietnamese can enjoy homeland fare while far from home./.