Vietnamese enterprises overcome difficulties in Cambodia

Many Vietnamese businesses or Vietnamese-owned enterprises are still thriving in Cambodia despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, creating thousands of jobs with stable incomes.


In this difficult period, the Horizon Care supplements company has been conducting normal business activities thanks to its early application of communications technology platforms. Technological application has become a competitive advantage for many Vietnamese small and medium enterprises in the neighbouring country.

With borders forced to close to prevent the spread of the pandemic, many Vietnamese companies have diversified their sources of imported materials and goods, applied standards to control the quality of their output, and at the same time identified human resources as a core value to compete and overcome crisis. 

Experts said that, in the current circumstances, the Vietnamese business community needs to link more closely to develop together in the post-COVID-19 period and contribute to the recovery of Cambodia’s economy. 

Vietnam’s large scale, high-tech agricultural investment in Cambodia is also proving its worth and sustainability. After nearly three years of investing in Cambodia, the THADI Company has expanded to fruit trees, cereal, and forestry, employing some 3,500 local workers. Despite the difficulties the pandemic has caused, the Vietnamese business community in Cambodia still stands strong, demonstrating its competitiveness and technological advantages./.