The Hanoi Book Street Management Board has partnered with 16 publishing houses and book distributors to introduce a series of entertainment activities starting from July 18. The aim is to provide a fun place for children during the summer months.

The program will feature a range of “learning and playing” activities, including folk games, workshops on traditional and modern arts. These activities will be held on weekends from July 18 to the end of August.

One of the main highlights of the program is the “Giving lovingly books, sending thousands of smiles” activity, where book enthusiasts can meet and exchange publications. This activity will take place on July 18-19. Additionally, publishing houses will be offering discounts on all books sold at the Hanoi Book Street.

The Hanoi Book Street Management Board has also organized different spaces for visitors, including areas for families, young people, and the elderly to enjoy reading books, have coffee, take pictures, and participate in activities. Free wifi will be available for visitors to the book street.

The program will continue until August 30.