Vietnam, a dynamic and ever-changing destination , is one of the most developing countries in Southeast Asia. If you have ever visited Vietnam, you would have noticed how well the country has been doing in drawing the attention of global citizens around the world. Many people visit Vietnam because of its beautiful sightseeings, vibrant lifestyle, friendly people, affordable street cuisine, and constantly growing economy. All the listed traits have made Vietnam an attraction that international tourists, foreign entrepreneurs, and investors have to stop by to explore the hidden  potential of this country.

Remote workers are also another highlight of Vietnam in the last 5 years. This eastern land of Southeast Asia has a large population of almost 100,000,000, of which more than half  is under 35. Such has drawn the attention of hundreds of international companies around the globe, plus the level of education in Vietnam has improved significantly, constantly creating a well-qualified workforce and global working attitude.

A closer look at why remote workers in Vietnam are worth hiring

The young population in Vietnam has made it an ideal spot for remote hiring. More than half of the population is under 35 and are well-educated. Especially in English communication, unlike 5 years ago, the bar has been raised higher for university students when they graduate.

build a team in Vietnam and hiring

They are required to achieve a specific certificate of English (based on their major) before finishing the bachelor degree. International companies can expect remote workers in Vietnam to be at least, from intermediate-level English speakers to advanced English speakers. Also, many of them have been trained at school to follow basic instructions of working in a global environment.

Digital and IT-trained workforce in Vietnam

Another noticeable trait of Vietnam is its capability of following global demands. Vietnam began to put more effort into training a solid IT workforce capable of dealing with global-scaled projects. Since the Vietnamese workforce is  still fresh to the global market , the country offers affordable offshore services to attract more recruiters/clients in other countries.

This video includes some insights about building a tech and digital team in Vietnam :

  • What are the common ways foreign companies are hiring from Vietnam ?
  • How to efficiently find and hire talents from overseas in Vietnam ?
  • What are the top technologies and skills the Vietnamese workforce is hired for ?

To learn more about hiring and building a team in Vietnam, you can have a look at the in-depth insights from European Business Review highlighting some of the main key takeaways as well as the resources of this Vietnamese Hiring Ninja company.

Even though Vietnam’s IT industry is still behind other developed countries in Europe and America, it’s predicted to progress further and become one of the strongest countries in IT in the next 15 years. This prediction is based on the extensive establishment of IT startups in Vietnam when hundreds of those show up every year, bringing Vietnam closer to the eyesight of multinational companies.

Gen-Z and Millennials Vietnamese staff for foreign companies

Lastly, the young generation of Vietnam is quick  to adapt to the requirements of the global market. The young workforce is energetic, hard-working, and extremely innovative . Also, the Vietnamese people are very friendly.

remote working environment from Vietnam

That’s why even working remotely, Vietnamese remote workers can easily bond with other members of the team to create a team culture. Such affects the productivity of each member which allows work to be performed much more effectively. The hardest thing about hiring a remote worker is keeping the team together. You will see this friendliness trait of Vietnamese will help you a lot, as a team leader, to sustain a stable workflow.