Vietnam seeks to break out of COVID-19 tourist trap: Bloomberg

Leading business and financial website Bloomberg of the United States has recently published an article highlighting the strong rebound made to the nation’s domestic tourism industry, a model that is suitable for the rest of the world to follow.



According to the news website, the country is leading the way in the race to reopen Southeast Asia to travelers.

After recording a number of successful achievements to contain COVID-19, domestic travel has already restarted, in contrast to regional neighbours such as Thailand which remains under a state of emergency, whilst other countries keen for tourism are only just starting to slowly ease restrictions.

This steady reopening will serve to help the national economy, and may encourage a welcome rethink with regard to the priorities of the leisure industry, the article explained.

This will ultimately lead to the country being among the first globally to get its citizens on holiday again.

The US news website gave details about the “Vietnamese People Travel in Vietnam” campaign which has been launched to coincide with the local airline industry restarting its regular schedule.

Discounts and safety are now the key factors for travelers, though anecdotal evidence suggests hotels prefer throwing in extra benefits to cutting room rates, a harder move to reverse./.