Vietnam an effective ASEAN leader: ASEAN Post

Vietnam has been making great strides in projecting itself as an effective ASEAN leader, particularly with its proactive governance in handling the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change policy, and for its political stability, the ASEAN Post reported.


In its article published last weekend, the ASEAN Post highlighted the leading role of Vietnam as the current Chair of ASEAN.

It highlighted that Vietnam is the only Southeast Asian country that has achieved climate action, according to the Sustainable Development Report 2020. Vietnam is powering ahead of the rest of Southeast Asia as it pushes for greater reliance on renewable energy.

Regarding economic growth, even during these unusually rough times, the Vietnamese economy has been remarkably resilient, thanks to the government’s drastic actions such as tax breaks, the delaying of tax payments, and land-use fees for businesses.

The ASEAN Post also highly spoke of Vietnam as one of the more politically stable countries in the region.

It says the success of Vietnam‘s COVID-19 strategy – which is centred on its experience with similar virus outbreaks in the past – has rightly attracted the attention of the international community. The ASEAN member state should be commended for its effective pandemic policies, which has resulted in low levels of transmission and fatalities.