“Van” chestnuts paving the way for people in remote areas to escape from poverty

The remote district of Ngan Son in northern Bac Kan province has cultivated “Van” chestnuts in substantial quantities in recent times. This particular variety of chestnut produces high yields and has a sweet fragrance and strong nutty taste, thus finding favour among farmers and consumers alike.


This “Van” chestnut farm belongs to farmers with the Hop Phat cooperative in Duc Van commune, Ngan Son district, in Bac Kan province. They are hybrids between Trung Khanh chestnuts and “Van” chestnuts, which are indigenous to northern Cao Bang and Lang Son provinces, respectively. The nuts from these trees have been warmly welcomed by consumers due to their flavour and fragrance.

The northern reaches of Ngan Son district boast an ideal climate and soil conditions for planting “Van” chestnuts, and local authorities have been producing more hybrids to expand the planting area.

Hop Phat cooperative is now home to some 5 ha of “Van” chestnuts. The plant is expected to pave the way for local people in the remote district of Ngan Son to escape from poverty.

Ngan Son district is home to nearly 70 ha of “Van” chestnuts. The cultivation area is expected to expand by over 100 ha each year./.